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Model Governance

When You Think about Succession…

NPO Conversation on December 9 at GMA Foundations invite leaders of nonprofit organizations to join us each quarter for a brown-bag lunch discussion about issues, ideas, and concerns in the nonprofit and philanthropic community. The meetings are a time for us to move beyond the usual conversation between foundations and nonprofit organizations.

Each session focuses on a particular topic, and reservations are required. Guests will learn a little more about GMA and a lot about their peers’ perspectives on important issues.

Topic for Conversation: Succession and Sustainability

The pressures on leadership of nonprofit organizations are well known. Passionate about solving some of society’s greatest challenges, these executives are frequently faced with a shortage of funds, time and compensation, even if they possess abundant talent. How then does an Executive Director who works to build a strong organization ensure its successful continuity?

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Rekindle your Foundation’s Start-up Spirit


musician in hat rdStart-up foundations crackle with an enthusiasm and creativity that is energizing. As the years go by, this youthful organizational energy inevitably wanes. Routine sets in as foundation trustees become comfortable with their traditions of management or grantmaking.

We believe that great philanthropy should never be routine. Rekindling that start-up spirit is possible. Here are several of our favorite project-based ways to stir up excitement among foundation trustees and encourage more of them to take on leadership roles:

1. Dissolve your existing committees. Try a zero-based committee structure. Every two years or so, completely disband your committees. Go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate all of your functional tasks and priorities. Finally, reconstitute new committees based on priorities or functions.                     Continue Reading »

Increases in our clients’ grantmaking profiled

Grants 2013 GMA Foundations’ Grants 2013 report released

Forty independent and corporate foundations and individual donors working with Boston-based GMA Foundations increased their giving in 2013 to a combined total of $37.3 million, up nearly 20% from the previous year. The philanthropic advisory firm’s newly released report describes the grantmaking reach of its clients, who awarded more than 1,500 grants to 1,100 nonprofits around the world.

Reflecting stronger investment returns, the amount of the average grant increased 9% over the prior year to $23,565. “We look to the nonprofit sector for innovation, agility, and strong connections to the community,” says Phil Hall, GMA’s Director of Grantmaking.  “Operating on a small scale, these nonprofit organizations are leading the way to social change, and we are proud to support them.”

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