Jessie B. Cox Trust concluded its environment grantmaking for 2012.

The Trust’s theme of helping conservation organizations preserve larger landscapes – faster, continued with the projects that received support in 2012. Most grants supported strong coalitions with ambitious goals set in a regional context. Nearly all had strong scientific bases or components that tease out big questions in the field of conservation biology. The projects that emphasized linking and connecting habitats to promote ecosystem resilience continued to be a top priority.

The palpable threats of climate change, catastrophic weather events, invasive species, pathogens, and extractive industries, in the region has pushed the Trust to ask more organizations how their work fits into the emerging concepts of ecosystem resilience. Most organizations have been enthusiastic about having this conversation and helpful in shaping the Trust’s thinking as it moves forward.

Jessie B. Cox Trust 2012 Grants

1% For the Planet
Waitsfield, VT
$92,500 in second year support of a capacity-building grant to enable the organization to grow its corporate membership and increase environmental grantmaking in New England. (Projected additional support of $357,500, 2012-2017.)

Appalachian Mountain Club
Boston, MA
$50,000 in support for the work of a three-agency collaborative to preserve land in the Upper Androscoggin Watershed of Northern Maine and New Hampshire. (Projected additional support of $50,000, 2013.)

Housatonic Valley Association
Cornwall Bridge, CT
$50,000 in support to engage six to eight volunteer land trusts to work collaboratively to conserve 5,000 acres of habitat in several core areas identified by the Litchfield Hills Greenprint. (Projected additional support of $50,000, 2013.)

Ipswich River Watershed Association
Ipswich, MA
$50,000 in final support to form a partnership to restore the Ipswich and Parker Rivers in Essex, Massachusetts. (Total project support of $100,000, 2011-2012.)

Penobscot River Restoration Trust
Augusta, ME
$50,000 in continued support of a public/private effort to remove dams and restore habitat along the Penobscot River in Maine. (Total project support of $150,000, 2011-12.)

President and Fellows of Harvard College
f/b/o Harvard Forest
Petersham, MA
$70,000 in support of the Wildlands and Woodlands regional campaign which calls for a 50-year conservation effort to retain at least 70 percent of New England in forestland, permanently free from development.

Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests
Concord, NH
$50,000 in support of a regional coalition will implement a conservation plan for the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, with a goal of protecting water quality through the protection of large forest blocks and riparian areas. (Projected additional support of $50,000, 2013.)

Two Countries, One Forest, Inc.
Toronto, Ontario
$50,000 in support for the establishment of a two-country regional conservation partnership in the Three-Borders region of Maine, New Brunswick and Quebec.

Vermont Natural Resources Council, Inc.
Montpelier, VT
$50,000 in support for a broad regional effort to protect and restore connectivity among large-scale forested habitats running from New York to Maine. (Total support for this project of $100,000, including including a 2011 grant of $50,000 to the Nature Conservancy, Vermont Chapter. Projected additional support of $50,000, 2013.)