Most of the foundations use the online application system to apply for all of their funding programs.  You will find the access codes to the funding applications and detailed instructions on how to apply on each funder’s website. Please review these tips before clicking the blue Apply Now button below.

Tips for Using the System

Register. Prior to submitting a proposal through the foundation’s online grants system, applicants must complete a one-time registration. Previously registered applicants can simply log in. You only need to register once for all GMA Foundations clients.

You will need to supply your contact information and create a password to log in to the system. The foundation prefers that the principal investigator or primary contact register. If you are grantwriter representing multiple organizations, you must use a different email address for each organization, as the email address you use to register is tied to the organization for which you are submitting an application.

Be sure to save your password where you can find it again. You will need it to work on proposal drafts and to check the status of your proposal.

International Applicants!

Non-U.S. organizations do not enter a Tax ID number. Instead enter the following digits: 12-1234567

The system is not set up for international charity numbers, so the 12-1234567 “dummy” or placeholder number allows you to get into the system.

Click Apply. Once you are in the system, click Apply on the top left side of your screen.

Enter Access Code. The Access Code routes your proposal to the appropriate foundation. Each foundation has its own Access Code; it is not the same as your password. Enter the code listed on the website or provided by invitation: (all lowercase) as the Access Code box on the middle left side of your screen.

Click Link to Open Form. Click Enter to open the application form. If you would like to see a list of the questions before starting your applications, click Print Question Legend (located at the top of the screen, above your name).

Draft Application. Complete your on-line application. Save frequently by using the Save as Draft button found at the bottom of the screen. If you want to leave your application before it is complete, click on Save as Draft before logging out. You can come back later and continue your application by signing in with the email address and password you used to register.

Submit When Complete. Review your proposal draft before clicking “submit”; you will not be able to make changes to your proposal after clicking “submit.” Your application must be submitted when you are done in order to remove it from draft status. After clicking submit, a new screen will appear confirming receipt of your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the application form? If you don’t see the application form, you probably did not enter the Access Code in the field on the left side of your screen after you registered and logged in. Some foundations also provide access codes by invitation only.

Make a PDF of your proposal. If you would like to save a copy of your submission, use the Print Packet function at the top of the screen. A PDF will be created which you can save or print.

Uploading? Keep in mind that the upload fields only accept one document. If you upload the wrong document, simply browse and upload the right one to overwrite the incorrect upload. You will know that the upload worked when you see the document link in the field when you save your draft. You will also see it when you print a PDF of the proposal.

Cutting and pasting is fast. Cutting and pasting directly from your word processor is easy if you keep in mind that 3,200 characters (including spaces) equal approximately one page with four paragraphs in 12 point type. To facilitate cutting and pasting, text limits are typically generous, but do not feel compelled to write more than necessary just to use all of the characters allowed. When cutting and pasting into a field, hit the space bar once after pasting so that the system can count the number of characters pasted into the field.

Forget formatting. The system removes all formatting from your pasted text. It will turn bullets into gibberish. Saving your documents in RTF or txt before you paste will require less clean-up in your proposal.

What is the deadline? Check with the particular foundation about deadlines, but most set a firm time before 12:00 midnight EST on the date specified by the funder.

Did we get it? Once you click submit, a message will come up on your screen confirming your submission.

Need tech support? Tech support is available between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.EST. Call the Grants Manager at GMA Foundations at 617-391-3085 or email online @

Got suggestions? Write online @ with comments, tips and ideas that can improve this system. Your feedback helps us make improvements.