Our Team


We help you change the world.

GMA Foundations helps individuals and grantmaking organizations define a clear path to transformative philanthropy, and then walks the path with them as an ally and a guide. In thirty years on the front lines of strategic grantmaking, we have seen lives changed. We have seen communities strengthened. We have seen resources leveraged to exponentially increase impact. We draw on the knowledge, wisdom, and confidence we have gained from decades in the field to propel our clients on their own journeys to positive impact and meaningful change.

We are trusted advisors, and active partners.

GMA Foundations works with individual grantmakers and private, corporate and community foundations to establish and achieve philanthropic goals. We partner with our clients at every stage of growth and provide a full range of services from strategy to administration. Our combined understanding of the macro issues of philanthropy and day-to-day grant administration inform every client engagement.

How can we help you change the world?

GMA Foundations was founded in 1982 by Newell Flather, Mary Phillips and Ala Reid to help foundations and philanthropists achieve greater impact through more effective grantmaking. We believe that strong partnerships yield the strongest returns: We learn from our clients, as well as advise. We ask hard questions, and rigorously pursue sound answers. Success is earned and shared together. Tell us what you hope to accomplish, and we will speed you on the path to transformation.

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