GMA provides grantmakers with a full palette of services, from strategic consulting and impact analysis to grantmaking, administration and organizational support. Our work encompasses diverse sectors, reaches local and international communities, and spans decades of change. Our services include:


Grantmaking is an art and a science. We serve as staff for clients who rely on our thoughtful, rigorous, well-organized approach to the grantmaking process. We review thousands of proposals every year and meet with hundreds of applicants.

Proposal Review and Analysis covering all aspects of due diligence, including site visits, financial analysis and expert reviews, reference checks and recommendations

Communications and Community Relations tailored to whatever degree of exposure or anonymity clients seek

Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting including grant report reviews, post-project interviews and focus groups, and analysis of outcomes

Point of Contact to ensure a reliable presence in the community and promote accountability and transparency

Managing: Financial Services and Administration

Managing the financial and administrative requirements of grantmaking is a time-intensive and increasingly complex endeavor. Clients turn to GMA for sound counsel, compliance with government regulations, and impeccable bookkeeping and accounting.

Bookkeeping including issuing grant checks, paying bills, making quarterly tax deposits, and reconciling accounts,

Financial Statements prepared for trustees in close concert with accountants, banks, lawyers and investment advisors; assisting accountants with tax form preparation and audits

Budget and Cash Flow Analysis to inform decision-making and ensure strong fiscal management

Office Management including serving as a foundation’s place of business, grant tracking and paperwork, record keeping, filing, correspondence, mail receipt and screening, website maintenance, and preparation of customized financial management and control manuals

Trustee Services such as organization and planning of meetings, communications, dissemination of information and necessary materials, calendar maintenance, recording and distributing minutes of meetings, coordination of work with the foundation’s lawyers, investment managers and accountants, and preparation of customized trustee handbooks

Advising: Short and Long Term Consultation

In addition to serving as ongoing staff for 40 foundations, GMA Foundations works with many additional families and foundations on consulting projects.  We look at issues with our expertise but through our clients’ eyes. GMA Foundations’ consulting engagements help funders launch new initiatives, manage transitions, integrate new board members, identify compelling opportunities and evaluate performance.

Start-up Assistance including the development of mission statements, governance structures, management processes, and grantmaking programs

Staff and Trustee Training, including internships and retreats to nurture strong leadership and build consensus and support for organizational goals

Feasibility and Community Needs Studies that identify the strengths and challenges of potential funding initiatives based on demographic analysis, key informant interviews, focus groups, pilot testing, and other strategies

Publishing and Reporting including annual reports, brochures, and printed guidelines

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