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Miller Innovation Fund: Supporting New Approaches to Community Organizing

The Herman and Frieda Miller Foundation recently awarded its second round of grants for its new Innovation Fund.

The Innovation Fund is broadly conceived as a resource that supports innovations, tools, and practices that help social justice organizations and their allies improve conditions and institutions in pursuit of an involved, informed, and active public.

The Fund complements the core grantmaking program of the foundation that funds organizing and advocacy in Greater Boston and Eastern Massachusetts.

The seven grantees represented a diverse set of organizations that were experienced at community organizing and advancing public policy. Most represented strong coalitions and all were working in concert with other community partners. Nearly all of the projects had a regional or statewide emphasis.

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2012 Grants of the Herman and Frieda Miller Foundation

The major theme emerging from the 2012 grants of the Herman and Frieda Miller Foundation was public policy change through effective coalition organizing.

The series of political victories this year challenge the notion that it is difficult to evaluate advocacy and community organizing.

Illustrative advocacy wins include:

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2011 Grants of the Herman and Frieda Miller Foundation

Several interesting themes emerged in the grantmaking of Boston’s Herman and Frieda Miller Foundation as it looked back at its support of civic engagement in the Boston area during 2011.

Contrary to the often heard complaint that nonprofit organizations do not collaborate effectively, sixty percent of the grants awarded supported formal city or statewide coalitions, networks, or associations.

In addition, most of the grants awarded to individual community-based organizations supported long-term organizing campaigns working in concert with many other partners. Continue Reading »

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