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Funding Urgent Needs

Compassionate AND Smartfood_housing

During this past winter, GMA Foundations represented several of our clients in,  a funder collaborative focused on responding to urgent needs through the winter months.

Established to promote funding for housing, fuel, food and other basic human needs, the collaborative serves as a clearinghouse of information for donors and an advocate for hundreds of worthy nonprofits throughout Massachusetts.  Although spring weather now seems likely, the nonprofits listed on the MassNeeds resource list continue their important work.

Why is compassionate funding so smart?

Imagine two types of philanthropy, both directed to the poorest segments of society. One is called smart and the other compassionate. Continue Reading »

“New program helps people avoid foreclosure”


Source: CBS Evening News

CBS News chief business correspondent Anthony Mason highlights the foreclosure prevention work of Boston Community Capital, CityLife/Vida Urbana, and the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau.

The program buys foreclosed homes and sells them back to the original owners.

SUN has helped over 125 families stay in their homes, and avoid foreclosure and / or eviction. Now, they have affordable monthly payments for the long term.

Featuring Boston Community Capital and City Life/Vida Urbana, grantees of the Herman and Frieda Miller Foundation

To watch the report, click here.


“Community Day Center Helps the Homeless”


Boston Globe

Unique in Boston’s Metro West, Waltham’s Community Day Center provides 600 homeless people a year with a daytime base of operations for job searches, short-term services and a midday meal.

To read the full article, click here.

Featuring Community Day Center of Waltham, a grantee of the Clipper Ship Foundation.


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