Prentice Zinn
Phone: 617-391-3091
E-mail: pzinn @ gmafoundations . com



Prentice joined GMA in 1999 and became a director in 2007. He serves as an administrator for the Conservation, Food & Health Foundation, the Dolphin Trust, the Sociological Initiatives Foundation, the A.C. Ratshesky Foundation, the Miller Foundation and the Jessie B. Cox Charitable Trust.

The scope of his assignments includes start-up work with new donors, helping foundations rethink their mission and focus, and identifying high impact funding opportunities in the fields of the environment, public health, and human services.

Prior to joining GMA, he was a program associate of the Boston Foundation. He was responsible for managing funds and initiatives addressing adolescent health promotion, land and wildlife preservation, and offering management assistance to small nonprofit organizations.

A Latin American studies graduate of the University of Michigan, Prentice also has masters degrees from the University of Michigan School of Social Work and the Boston University School of Public Health.

When not training for fall and spring marathons, Prentice maintains an overzealous and injury promoting schedule of road and trail running events in New England.