We help donors define and reach their philanthropic goals with expert advice and comprehensive services.

GMA by the Numbers:

35 years

of experience in strategic grantmaking

GMA by the Numbers

$50 million

clients’ median charitable assets

GMA by the Numbers


of clients are philanthropic families

GMA by the Numbers


of clients have been with us
for over 10 years


Grant Strategy

GMA works with you to translate your aspirations into effective giving.

Administrative & Financial

GMA manages the details so that you can focus on your mission.


GMA helps clients thrive along all stages of their philanthropic life cycles.

“…what a deep well of knowledge and experience you brought to the room. We are all much clearer on next steps and excited to move forward.”

– Executive Director, Family Foundation

Case Studies

Case Study

A Grantmaker’s Impact Assessment: Yes, and…

Our client had evidence that their grants had led to major policy changes and benefits for communities, but they wanted to know more - to learn and adjust.

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Case Study

Nonprofit-Funder Relationships, Confident Grantmaking

Recently we witnessed a grant application from a small charter elementary school in an economically struggling port city spark a private foundation board’s enthusiasm in an unusual way.

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Case Study

A Family’s Donor-Advised Fund Finds Strategic Focus

A field-building approach helped the Rudolph Family Fund achieve greater strategic clarity and increased impact.

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Case Study

Advisory board guides collaborative conservation grants

A regional environment funder conducts research and consults with an advisory board to help conserve more land at a faster rate.

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Evaluate workforce development programs as social enterprises

Grantmakers should delve into a few key ideas when evaluating the strength of workforce development programs as social enterprises. Consider the ways - read more

Could a philanthropic advisor help you give better?

Download a guide that answers common questions about the role advisors play in supporting charitable planning and giving, as well as factors to consider before engaging one. read more


Our Favorite Foundation Board Meeting Traditions

Traditions are an important ingredient of a healthy organizational culture. Our favorite foundation meetings balance the often hurried and transactional work of governance with small traditions in opening and closing each board meeting. read more

Nonprofit Social Enterprise Requires Adept Leadership

Three key ideas funders should consider when evaluating the strength of a nonprofit social enterprise. read more

Chronic poverty changes a child’s brain with adverse effects lasting into adulthood.


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GMA funder community’s

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