Our Values

GMA’s mission is rooted in our belief in the transformative nature of philanthropy, that each of us in this field has the capacity to help shape a more just and equitable future. We stand by this core belief, yet grapple with the structures and dynamics of philanthropy that reinforce historical and ongoing injustices such as economic inequality and racial oppression.

Acutely aware of enormous societal challenges, we reaffirm our responsibility for realizing philanthropy’s potential- in ourselves, in our firm, and in our work. We are accelerating our efforts to become more diverse, culturally competent, inclusive, and equitable. This is an ongoing journey.

We are guided in this commitment by a set of core values. Evident in daily work at GMA, our values remind us of why we love our jobs, how we get through tough moments, and what inspires us to excel. We would be so proud if the people with whom we work recognize these values in us.


We earn trust by holding ourselves to high standards of professionalism, integrity, and excellence. We also place trust in others. In the office, we work on teams and trust in one another’s ability to contribute fully. In grantmaking, we trust the people closest to the problems that our clients are trying to address.


At its core, philanthropy is about relationships. We are connected, collaborative, and responsive. We recognize the good work others are doing and support one another’s success.


We approach our work with humility and are intentional about our desire to shape a more inclusive and equitable world. Each of us values a sense of belonging and works to make GMA a diverse and welcoming workplace where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.


We are believers in possibility, that, given the opportunity, people grow and achieve. We value curiosity, creativity, and innovation, and a bit of risk taking. GMA is a place where employees learn, and reach their goals. At its best, our work removes obstacles to growth and extends opportunity to all people.


With open minds and hearts, we are more likely to find enjoyment, balance, and meaning. This is what we mean when we say that GMA is dedicated to effective and joyful giving.