Funder Community

The GMA Funder Community promises a great experience in breaking out of traditional giving models. We aim to tap into the potential we see in groups of individual funders with overlapping missions and goals.

Trauma and Resilience Fund

We are pleased to announce the launch of our inaugural fund. The Trauma and Resilience Fund has been established to explore innovative responses to the adverse effects of childhood trauma. The Fund offers a six-month pooled giving and immersive learning experience to donors eager to understand and address the impact of childhood trauma, particularly the trauma of living in chronic poverty.

Read about trauma-informed programs shaped by new brain research in a brief summary of our 2016 NPO Conversation written by the Fund’s program manager, Danielle Belanger.

The Fund is a project under the fiscal sponsorship of Philanthropy Massachusetts and participation is open to private foundations, corporate giving programs, donor advised fund accounts, and individual donors. A contribution to the Trauma and Resilience Fund is charitable and must be made by February 15, 2019.

Please contact GMA Director Phil Hall by phone 617-391-3097 or email to discuss your participation in the GMA Funder Community’s Trauma and Resilience Fund.