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Dolphin Trust Grants for 2012: Smart Kids and Smart Growth

Several themes run through the portfolio of the Dolphin Trust grants to Boston area organizations. Most of the organizations supported by the Trust deal with middle and elementary-aged youth, incorporate experiential education, and outdoor learning. Several focus on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. Continue Reading »

Jessie B. Cox Trusts 2012 Grants: Focus on Ecosystem Resilence

Jessie B. Cox Trust concluded its environment grantmaking for 2012.

The Trust’s theme of helping conservation organizations preserve larger landscapes – faster, continued with the projects that received support in 2012. Most grants supported strong coalitions with ambitious goals set in a regional context. Nearly all had strong scientific bases or components that tease out big questions in the field of conservation biology. The projects that emphasized linking and connecting habitats to promote ecosystem resilience continued to be a top priority. Continue Reading »

Planet Health: Focus of Conservation, Food, & Health Grants in 2012

The health of forests, farms, and people continued to be the main theme in the Conservation, Food, and Health Foundation’s grantmaking in 2012.

Foundation grantees regularly receive recognition for their work as social innovators.  Examples include:

International Rivers’ partner, Ikal Angelei won the 2012 Goldman Environmental Prize winner for Africa for her work with Friends of Lake Turkana.  The foundation is helping fund work to stop the Gibe III dam that flows into Lake Turkana – the world’s largest desert lake. The lake is home to the world’s largest population of Nile crocodiles, hippos, and hundreds of bird and fish species. Continue Reading »

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