Environmental Justice Fund Recognizes People-Centered Work


The GMA Funder Community’s Environmental Justice Fund has concluded with awards totaling $160,000 to recognize (and surprise) eight nonprofit organizations for their leadership in the environmental justice movement in Greater Boston. “At its best, philanthropy represents some combination of innovation and hope-qualities exemplified by these awards,” remarked Phil Hall, GMA Foundations’ Director of Grantmaking, in the announcement.

Participants in the pooled giving fund considered local responses to the global threat of climate change, focusing on people and resilient communities. Boston enjoys a rich network of nonprofit organizations working to overcome environmental inequities, and they merit sustained support. Acting together, the Environmental Justice Fund chose to showcase startup organizations and new directions taken by more established organizations.

We are delighted to have delivered unexpected and unrestricted $20,000 grants to:

Resident volunteer clean-up trash outdoors
credit: Thirdman from Pexels

“The urgency of climate change requires us to rethink our approach to environmental grantmaking. While sweeping public policy is vital, these grants recognize the importance of resident engagement to equity and sustainability,” Hall observed.

The GMA Funder Community is a short-term pooled giving and immersive learning experience for donors eager to explore effective, community-based approaches to building a sustainable future. Learn more about the Fund, its participants, and the experts who guided its thinking at gmafoundations.com, or contact Phil Hall