GMA Foundations Celebrates 35 Years in Philanthropy


On November 29, 1982, the founders of Grants Management Associates, now GMA Foundations, entered into their first client services agreement with the Foley, Hoag, and Eliot Foundation, now the Foley Hoag Foundation. On November 30, 2017, current and former staff of GMA gathered for cake and a toast to ‘all who have worked and dreamed here together.’

There is something special about having GMA in your DNA, according to the many who wrote for the occasion. Perhaps it is the meaningful work, the entrepreneurial spirit, or the continuous learning. Amy Segal Shorey’s toast for the occasion singles out her colleagues:

“What has been special about GMA over 35 years is the many senses in which we are colleagues.

We are, first and foremost, colleagues with one another: respectful, demanding, and always collaborative.

Sylvia Simmons, Trustee of the Anna B. Stearns Charitable Foundation with Amy Segal Shorey (r)

We are colleagues with our clients: proud of their great philanthropy, their kindness, and especially delighted with the special moments they turn to us as advisors.

We are colleagues with the philanthropic world, in Boston and nationally: happy to share our distinctive model and what we are learning.

We are colleagues with the nonprofit sector: happy to help—win, lose, or draw—and eager to understand their fine work and the world through their eyes.