Improving the Odds of Post-Secondary Success


According to the Boston Globe’s Valedictorians Project, “one quarter of Boston’s valedictorians from 2005 to 2007 did not finish college within six years. Today, 40 percent still earn less than $50,000 a year.” Despite thousands of college access and success programs in the city, graduation rates have plateaued. According to the Globe survey, students from low-income high schools continue to struggle with challenges like food insecurity, social isolation, homelessness, and crises back home.

Your Path to Success

If college is the best path to higher lifetime incomes then how do we identify and reduce the obstacles to college persistence? In today’s changing economy, are there rigorous alternatives to a four-year degree program that pave a similar path to success?

If you are leading a nonprofit program aimed at helping young adults from low-income backgrounds complete a four-year degree or similar program, then we would like hear your thoughts. We are particularly interested in programs that operate outside of (or in addition to) the traditional financial aid model.

GMA is extending a lunch invitation to directors of nonprofit organizations in the Greater Boston region that work to improve the odds of post-secondary success.

We’d like to learn more about your creative responses to lousy completion rates. Our informal conversation may stem from several additional questions, including:

  • Why is the offer of full financial aid for college not enough?
  • What obstacles to post-secondary success are you tackling?
  • Does your organization work in collaboration with other programs? How?

GMA’s Phil Hall will moderate the discussion which is open to the Executive Director or Program Director of a local nonprofit supporting young adults through college or rigorous post-secondary programs. Come share your experiences, your ideas, and your own questions.

Register in advance to join this NPO Conversation at our office on Wednesday, August 7 from 12n to 1:30PM. GMA will provide lunch.


Space is limited. To register, please contact Judy Sneath, by August 2.

GMA’s NPO Conversation on post-secondary success is one of an annual 3-part series;  for other topics and dates click here.

Thank you for your interest.

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