Who We Are

Nancy Saunders, Administrative Director, the Riley Foundation

Nancy is the administrative director of the Mabel Louise Riley Foundation and has been working with its trustees since 1996.  She is responsible for all aspects of running the foundation and is the liaison between the trustees, its grant applicants and grantees.  She also takes care of all administrative work of the Family Strengthening Small Grants Fund (SFG); a resident-led initiative sponsored by the Riley Foundation.

Nancy was first introduced to the Riley Foundation when she was hired by the foundation’s administrative trustee, Andrew C. Bailey, to assist him with his probate legal work and to perform administrative duties for the increasing work of the foundation.  She juggled both legal and foundation work for many years.

Nancy and her husband, David, have three teenagers, one daughter and twin sons.  Along with their daughter, they are actively involved with the North Shore Blazing Bears whose team is a part of the Special Olympics soccer training program.