Who We Are

Prentice Zinn, Senior Program Officer, Senior Consultant

Prentice Zinn is a director of GMA, responsible for managing several local, regional, and international foundations. He is best known to his clients and colleagues as an advisor, educator, and facilitator. In his consulting practice, Prentice is known for start-up work with new donors, planning for multi-generational philanthropy, guiding boards in rethinking mission and focus, and identifying high impact funding opportunities focused on the environment, public health, community development, and human services. In the field, Prentice designs and leads interactive workshops on monitoring, evaluation, and learning.

Prentice grew up in Flint, Michigan and started a lifelong path in the nonprofit sector in high school. His years in Detroit, Denver, and Boston have made him a keen critic of generalizations about nonprofits and philanthropy.

Prentice is a founding member of Jamaica Plain Cohousing in Boston, a board member of Hesperian Health Guides, a board member of  Philanthropy Massachusetts, and co-editor of Collaborating for Change: A Participatory Action Research Casebook (2020).

When not training for marathons, Prentice spends his free time recovering from running overuse injuries. A graduate of the University of Michigan, Prentice also earned master’s degrees from the University of Michigan School of Social Work and the Boston University School of Public Health.