Rising to Respond to the Opioid Addiction Crisis


From 2015 through 2017, more than 10,000 New Englanders died from opioid overdoses. In 2017, every state in the region experienced an overdose-death rate that was greater than the national average. Source: New England Public Policy Center

In the midst of the opioid addiction crisis and its widespread pain, what should the field of philanthropy know about your work and opportunities for impact? Whether your nonprofit organization is focused on prevention, treatment, recovery, or transition, whether you offer wrap-around services or a crucial intervention, we would like to hear your perspective.

GMA is extending a lunch invitation to directors of nonprofit organizations in the Greater Boston region that work to stem this crisis through treatment or direct service, policy, caregiver and family supports, or any number of education, healthcare, or social service initiatives.

Our informal conversation will be guided by several questions, including:

  • Aside from the magnitude of need, what is the biggest challenge that your organization faces in its work related to the opioid addiction crisis?
  • Tell us about a promising approach that has had tangible and lasting impact in a person’s life or in a whole community.
  • In addition to addiction, what are the overlapping and underlying challenges to your clients’ wellbeing?
  • What supports exist for children, families, and caregivers impacted by opioid addiction? What is missing?
  • How are other addiction-related services complementary to your work?
  • What misconceptions exist in the public regarding opioid addiction that might hamper our progress out of this crisis?

GMA’s Carolyn Rau will moderate the discussion which is open to the Executive Director or Program Director of a local nonprofit supporting people and communities in overcoming the opioid crisis. Come share your experiences, your ideas, and your own questions.

Registration is required for this NPO Conversation at GMA’s office on the 5th floor at 2 Liberty Square (entrance on Kilby at Milk Street) on Tuesday, November 12 from 12n to 1:30pm.  GMA will provide lunch.


Space is limited. To register, please contact Judy Sneath, jsneath@gmafoundations.com by November 6.

GMA’s NPO Conversation on responding to the opioid crisis is one of an annual 3-part series;  for other topics and dates click here.

Thank you for your interest.