Understanding Nonprofit Financial Statements


Interactive Workshop for Grantmakers

A nonprofit organization’s financial statements and disclosures provide a wealth of information and can tell a story, but sometimes you have to do a little digging to unravel the tale. Join GMA’s Alfonso Perillo and Pamela Labonte Maksy on November 13 to get comfortable with the numbers found in the statements, and find deeper understanding by learning to skillfully apply key ratios and interpret the notes. In this interactive workshop we will review a set of financial statements and disclosures and discuss how to find meaning in the numbers. The format is welcoming of grantmakers at all levels of experience with due diligence.

Key Learning in Understanding Nonprofit Financial Statements

Gain confidence in assessing a nonprofit organization’s financial and organizational strength. With expert guidance from workshop leaders and your peers, explore and demystify the:

  • Auditors’ report
  • Statement of financial position and statement of activities
  • Statement of cash flows
  • Disclosures
  • Key ratios
  • Upcoming changes to nonprofit financial statements

Register here to attend Understanding Nonprofit Financial Statements in Boston on November 13, or contact Alfonso Perillo to discuss a customized learning experience.