Interested in working with a philanthropic advisor?


Interested in working with a philanthropic advisor, but not sure where to start?

GMA worked with Fidelity Charitable to create a guide that answers common questions about the role advisors play in supporting charitable planning and giving, as well as factors to consider before engaging one.

Find practical advice and shareable stories in A Guide to Working with Philanthropic Advisors, a collaborative project of several members of Fidelity’s Philanthropic Advisor Referral Network.

Download the Guide to read well-informed answers to:

  • What is a philanthropic advisor?
  • What services can they provide?
  • When does a donor need a philanthropic advisor?
  • What should a donor consider before working with a philanthropic advisor?
  • How can donors find and evaluate a philanthropic advisor?
  • How do donors structure an engagement and assess fees?

Learn about GMA’s consulting services on our website or contact Mary Phillips. We would be happy to talk with you about your philanthropic goals.